Assembling Monarco HAT and Raspberry Pi (B+, 2, 3, 3B+)

Step 1 - Raspberry Pi

Use metal spacers to attach the Raspberry Pi to the bottom part of the aluminium case and stick the thermal conductive pad.

Step 2 - Heat Sink

Screw the heat sink to the side panel.

Step 3 - Side Panels

Mount the side panels and tighten the screws.

Step 4 - Isolation Pad

Stick an isolation pad on the battery from below Monarco HAT.

Step 5 - Monarco HAT

Attach the Monarco HAT on top of the Raspberry Pi and use screws to fasten it.

Step 6 - Closing the Case

Mount the cover and tighten the screws.

Step 7 - Connector and micro SD card

Monarco HAT connector and micro SD card for the Raspberry Pi.
Plug in the connector and micro SD card. Make sure that the locking levers are in the middle position.

Step 8 - Mounting holders

Insert two plastic holders according to your preferences. The metal case allows for both horizontal and vertical mounting.

Step 9 - DIN rail mounting

Monarco HAT and Raspberry Pi on a DIN rail - vertical mounting.
The aluminium case allows vertical mounting...
Monarco HAT and Raspberry Pi on a DIN rail - horizontal mounting.
... as well as horizontal mounting.

Congratulations, your miniature industrial PC (or PLC if you prefer) is ready for use!